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What next?

The door is open if you are ready to take things further in your exploration of life.

Leave me your contact details above and an idea of the best way for me to contact you. I will endeavour to be in touch as soon as possible. You could also call or text me on 07852 538310.

Fees, location and other info.

My session fees range between £60- 80 for regular on-going sessions of 50 minutes. The lower end applies in Hove while I charge at least £70 in London. We will negotiate the possibility of any low-cost therapy when we meet.

I can see you in Central London near the Barbican. I am 2 minutes walk from Barbican underground station, 10 minutes from Farringdon and Moorgate and around 15 minutes from Liverpool Street, Chancery Lane and Holborn. I also work on Western Road and on Church Road in Hove, East Sussex.

Once we agree on a time slot, I charge for missed sessions. If you can let me know in advance when you have to miss a session, I will do my best to find an alternative time during the same week.

Other resources

I believe that psychotherapy is a cultural and a social issue because culture and society deeply impact us so to understand ourselves, we need to understand our environment. Towards this, I suggest books by Susie Orbach, Harriet Lerner and Andrew Samuels. Books that some people have found useful in learning about therapy are M. Scott Peck's A Road Less Travelled, Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul and Dark Nights of the Soul. I value the approach to therapy that Phillippa Perry takes in her book, Couch Fiction and Stephen Grosz in his book, The Examined Life.

For gay men, I recommend Velvet Rage by Alan Downs as a good introduction to how social factors affect the gay psyche. There are other books by people such as Meg John Barker which address sexual minority issues. Dorothy Rowe has a lot of sage advice and thinking in most of her books.

If you would like recommendations on some psychotherapist colleagues, please follow these links:!/home

Privacy Policy

The personal data I hold on you comprises of your name, phone number, email address and post code which is the minimum information I need to hold for the purposes of providing you with a psychotherapy and psychology service. Such data is kept for the duration of our work and past that date as required by my professional bodies and insurers at which point it is destroyed. Your right to confidentiality is respected and any sensitive information shared during our work will only be shared in specific circumstances if I am required by law to disclose, in cases of terrorism or harm to others.

I will only use your data for the purposes of providing you with a service and will only grant access to your data if I am obliged to by law. I will not be sharing your data with third parties unless with mutual agreement for onward referral or in cases of my incapacity. I would advise you that email and other electronic means of communication are not secure and to use them minimally in the course of our work.

I do not take formal notes of our work. I do keep personal notes which are understandable only by me, are kept securely and untraceable to you and will be interpreted for others and shared only if I am required to by law.