About Counselling

  •  Is there a need for psychotherapy?
Yes, if you:

feel fed up of problematic or addictive patterns that you don't understand

live with a sense of life being meaningless

wish you better understood your feelings, thoughts and behaviours

find yourself wanting yet running from relationships

have trouble straddling two or more cultures at home and outside
  • How can psychotherapy help?
Often people struggle through life, without a sense of a purpose or meaning to life. Psychotherapy and counselling are, ultimately conversations for the purposes of understanding your life. With professional support and greater self-understanding, you might better negotiate the tricky terrain of life and find meaning.

Like all well-trained therapists, I have personally experienced the deep positive changes that psychotherapy can bring and they make me committed to my work. 
  • How could life be?
Life ought to be about the ability to enjoy relationships, draw satisfaction from love and work, respect and be respected and have space where you can freely speak and be heard without judgement. 

The experience of being heard within a confidential psychotherapy relationship can be transformative. Through our work, you might better understand your relationships, problematic patterns and addictions in your life.

Greater understanding of self and the world can help to stop a repeat of unhelpful patterns and create the changes you need. Over time as your understanding develops, life might feel more manageable and you may be more accepting of areas where control is not possible.