Difficult life experiences may have obstructed your development. Perhaps life has been confortable but you don't know why you struggle in life. Difficult early experiences and other complexities of our psychology can create inner conflicts which need sustained attention in psychotherapy. Would you like to understand yourself better and have more self-confidence?

Psychotherapy is about creating a space for conversations on what matters to you in life. These conversations can't or do not happen for most of us in our daily lives. Without such conversations, you may experience conflicts between what your heart wants and the mind considers reasonable leading to difficulties in relationships and problems in living.

I am able to offer counselling and psychotherapy if you are seeking help for:
  • Depression, lethargy
  •  Anxiety, fears, compulsions and obsessions
  • Issues of sexuality and sexual identity
  • Difficulties with fulfillment in life
  • Stress and addictions
  • Political, personal and social impotence and confusion 
  • Relationship issues
  • Difficulties straddling racial and cultural divides
Long-standing problems require a commitment to psychological development. Such change can only happen through long-term psychodynamic support which is the kind I feel best qualified to provide.

I have been helping people manage emotional and psychological distress for the past 26 years. I trained at Metanoia Institute. I am a Doctor of Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy and registered with the UKCP and BACP as a Psychotherapist. I am an associate at Number 42, the complete psychotherapy and well-being service. I work in Central London to offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment and committed to challenging prejudice of all kinds.

Talking and walking the path with someone trained to help might be just what you need.